Dwight Ausmus Wheelie

Dwight Ausmus, pulling gears as he rides a wheelie out to the 330-foot mark.

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EKanooRacing’s No Boundaries Final Episode 2016-2017

This 2 hours long documentary comes after a very long season with 5 rounds and participating in several different categories! Our fans will also be treated with so many exclusive interviews and updates and never seen before footage!

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Twin Turbo HEMI Corvette!?

Mark Woodruff’s Twin Turbo Semi Hemi headed based of a Chevy Big block powered Corvette is a MPH beast! 212 mph in the 1/8th mile is pure madness. There is not much that gives this car away, well other than the bolted windows, wing, cowl hood and bull horns.
This is still a quiet stock locking car compared to most others in its class. Competing in Radial Vs the World at Lights Out 8 together with big names like Barry Mitchell, Keith Hayne and Stevie FAST jackson just to mention a few.
The Corvette broke the highest miles per hour on a radial record not once but TWICE during Light Out 8, first by running 212.36 mph and then topping that off with 212.69 mph! Making good passes all weekend things were looking great until the Corvette suffered a hurt piston in the
semi final against Stevie FAST in the Shadow 2.0. The team behind the car and other racers made a huge effort tearing the motor appart and put it together before the 10pm curfew just in time for the final with only minutes to spare!

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DAMN! They 2JZ Swapped A Corvette!

This one’s going to hurt some feelings..he ripped out the 572 cubic-inch big block and replaced it with a…183 cubic inch INLINE 6! Whoa! The infamous Toyota 2JZ is the new power plant for this 1973 C3 Corvette, and it has definitely earned the 1320video stamp of approval! Capable of mid 7 second passes..we can say this motor swap is 100% justified.

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Camaro DESTROYED in $10,000 Grudge Race ACCIDENT!

A $10,000 grudge race came from a heated Facebook discussion between two racers, Da Boogeyman out of Colorado and Honey Badger from Oklahoma and went down at the No Prep Mayhem race in Wichita Kansas – The first pair of cars down the track is always the scariest at a no prep race because no one knows what kind of shape the track is in. At the end of the race things got CRAZY and didn’t go so well for one race who totaled his car. We are happy to report that David Hildebrand walked away completely un-injured. We wish we could say the same for the beautiful Camaro he was driving.

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Supercharged Lexus gets DOWN – 1,000lbs of TORQUE!

I want one!!!!

Talk about a sleeper! Even to a trained-eye, this Lexus LX570 appears to be 100% stock. It has NO visible modifications, and hardly ANY noticeable exhaust difference. You would NEVER guess it has been modded when you see the plastic still covering all of the seats. Little did we know – it was stroked from a 5.7L to 6.8L! In addition to this crazy displacement upgrade, a blower was added! DOUBLING this beast’s horsepower from 383 to 760! This full size SUV is the PERFECT car for those families that are always late!

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A TURBO with a TOYOTA Attached!?

Have you ever seen a 80’s HATCHBACK Corolla? Well if you’re from the US like we are..probably NOT. Who’d have thunk, that the first one we see would be sporting a CRAZY 2JZ swap, capable of over 1500hp! This thing is unbelievable! From the GIANT turbo sticking out of its hood, to the strange body and skinny tires, you just can’t quite wrap your head around what you’re looking at. Congrats to the team that put this beast together, can’t wait to see it again next year!

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Best Aussie SLEEPER!

Built in a mere 12 weeks, Tunnel Vision Turbocharging has transformed this humble Ford into a 1200hp monster.

Tunnel vision Turbocharging has long set the benchmark when it comes to building high powered Ford 6-cylinder engines. Their latest creation is one of the coolest sleepers we’ve seen for some time. From the weathered body, to the custom widened factory Ford snowflake wheels, there’s really nothing to giveaway the car’s incredible acceleration.

Starting life as a Ford 4.1L crossflow six, a current generation twincam 4L Barra now replaces it, finished off in typical bare bones Tunnel Vision style.

Sourced as a junker from the wreckers, the 4L retains standard capacity with forged internals fitted including a billet crank, but up top interestingly the standard camshafts remain in place.

Boost comes from a Garrett GT47 turbocharger generating up to 35psi with custom Tunnel Vision exhaust and inlet manifolds. An E85 fuel system is tuned via a Haltech Elite 2500. Power drives through a Turbo400 3-speed trans and 35-spline 9in diff.

A true street car, the Falcon debut at last year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge where it faired very well. This time out Jason and the team were after an 8-second timeslip.

Ford Falcon 😄
Ford Barra 4L I6 engine
Forged internals, billet crank, std cams
Garrett GT47 turbo @ 35psi
Custom Tunnel Vision manifolds
Haltech Elite 2500, E85 fuel system
T400 trans, 35-spline 9in diff
Custom Ford Snowflake wheels, X275 radial tyres
Power: Approx 1200hp
Driven to and from the track, raced in full street trim

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2JZ Nissan 240sx – GIRL Driven STREET CAR!

We never get sick of watching or listening to these 2JZ motors fly down the racetrack. Especially when they are hiding in unsuspecting street cars and pushing over 1000hp! Lydia Dugas is no stranger going fast in her sleeperish looking Nissan 240sx, busting out 7.80’s at Tx2k and WINNING the 2JZ class! Congrats to her and the team for an impressive victory.

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MK3 Supra Goes 185MPH!! This thing is INSANE!

Cars from the 80’s weren’t quite designed to tackle the challenge’s of going 200mph, but that doesn’t mean they can’t with enough modification! The Aero on an 1986 Toyota Supra isn’t exactly streamlined for top speed runs, however if you throw a 2JZ under the hood and enough supporting mods, who knows what you can achieve. Running at the Puerto Rico Half Mile at Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, these guys were determined to break that 200mph barrier!

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