This is Day 4 of TX2K17…the drag racing finals! TX2K16 features a long list of high horsepower imports including Nissan GT-R’s, Mitsubishi Evos, Subarus and many more!

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A DRAG JEEP!? Not only that…but Lights Out 8 is it’s maiden voyage! First time out! This pretty little thing comes straight out the shop with no testing done on the car! The owner took it to South Georgia Motorsports Park for Lights Out 8 to try out the new car
for the first time at the track, with a new set up, without wheelie bars! That takes guts! The jeep goes on a WILD ride first pass out. Powered by a 400 cubic inch small block Ford and an 88mm turbocharger, it flies down the track! The build is done by Profab Performance and it is beautiful! Can you imagine going down the track at 140 mph without a roof?!

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Rotary Drag Racing | APSA

At round 1 of the Australian Pro Street Association championship, a Pro Rotor class was run. Being a DYO class it meant anyone could win no matter what level the car was at.

Jurgen Piscopo top qualified with a 7.97 while Ross Puliafito took the win in a Chicago shootout format.

Shifting a H-pattern Mazda based trans, Matty also ran his first 8-second pass in his 13B turbo Datsun ute.

APSA Calder Park February 2017.

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TX2K17: DAY 3 – 2,500+ Horsepower GT-R BATTLE!

One of the most EPIC days of drag racing in TX2K history! Today was a 6 second battle for the GT-R guys including ETS, AMS and T1! Not only that, some big name Supras from shops such as Induction Performance ran personal bests in the 7 second range – truly incredible! Stay tuned for the final day of highlights from TX2K coming up tomorrow!

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Very Fast Yamaha R1 Biker Chases R6 On The Nordschleife

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TX2K17: DAY 2 – 2,000+ HORSEPOWER Lambos DOMINATE !

1320Video is back with TX2K17: Day 2 highlights! Roll racing eliminations and drag racing test and tune was what day 2 was all about among many other crazy street car happenings at Royal Purple Raceway! Gidi, T1 and ETS are still all rearing to crack into the 6 second E/T range with these high horsepower GT-R’s!

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TX2K17: DAY 1 – The Most INSANE Gathering of Cars in the WORLD!?

TX2K17 is in full effect and 1320Video brings you some highlights of some of the CRAZY street cars that showed up in this Day 1 Highlights video of the Roll Racing Qualifying action taking place at Royal Purple Raceway! We have discovered the usual suspects such as AMS, Underground Racing, Dallas Performance, Top Speed Motorsports and many more! Thousands and thousands of horsepower on the property, what more could you ask for!?

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THE WORLD’S FIRST 6 SECOND GT-R! Not only is this the first 6 second GT-R, but this is also the world’s first 6-second ALL WHEEL DRIVE car! AMS has assembled one of the most INSANE Nissan GT-R’s in the world which has been dubbed Alpha G! Gidi has been battling issues all week. What is more insane is that these guys battled engine issues and ended up on their THIRD motor before they made a pass that cracked them into the 6 second territory! Congratulations to Gidi and AMS on this huge accomplishment both for them, the GT-R world and the entire drag racing world in general!

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4,000 Horsepower ROCKET – Ekanoo Racing LEXUS!

This 4,000 horsepower rocket is one of the most INSANE cars with 4 wheels we have *ever* seen – the Ekanoo Racing LEXUS! We have seen this car all over the Interwebs lately..but never guessed we would get to see it in person! This GORGEOUS Promod built by the Ekanoo Racing team is nothing short of perfection. Packing over 4,000 horsepower from a 500+ cubic inch big block, this fire-breathing demon will get through the 660 foot at over 220mph! That is CRAZY!

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2,000hp Nissan Patrol – 205 MPH RECORD!

The record breaking team at AAP is back, and this time with a Patrol?! Can you imagine taking this SUV 205mph in a HALF MILE?! Holy sh*t! Any faster and this thing might have taken flight! Congrats to the team on another impressive record – we can’t wait to see whats next!

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